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Institute of Medicine is the youngest institute of the university complex. It was created in July 2014 by the order of the Rector of Syktyvkar State University on the basis of organized in 1996 Komi Branch of Kirov State Medical Academy in Syktyvkar.

There are many medical Universities. And if the applicant is determined to become a doctor, then it is very difficult to make the final choice: which medical university to apply? Every University has its own history, its attractions.

On that day, Rector of Kirov State Medical Institute, Professor V. A. Zhuravlev signed the order to establish a branch and enroll 50 students to the first year of study and term of their education during two years.

Pre-requirement for creation of the branch for the training of specialists of higher medical education in the Republic became fast migration at the beginning of 90 years of the last century, including doctors, because of the strong decline of standards of living in the North. The most powerful migration outflow was observed in 1993-1997. Sharply increased the outflow of specialists with higher medical education, cancelling of non-competitive admission of the youth of Komi Republic to medical universities in Russia, state system of distribution of graduate, and subsequently the failure of contract-contractual form of training in medical universities in Russia led to a critical situation of supplying the Republic with medical staff.  This situation forced the Government of Kazakhstan in 1994 to apply to the Russian Ministry of Health and the State Committee on Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Russian Federation with a request to open in Syktyvkar a branch of a medical University to train doctors from the local youth.

At the beginning of July 1996 Head of the Republic of Komi Yury Spiridonov signed a decree on the opening in Syktyvkar, Komi of a Branch of the medical faculty of Kirov State Medical Institute, with two tasks to fulfill: to provide training of local youth, including not less than 50% of rural applicants, and contribute to the development of medical science in the Republic of Komi, and the relevant Ministers were given instructions that define various aspects of the activities of the branch.

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Valentin Vladimirovich Gladilov was appointed the Director of the branch.

From the 1st to the 10th of July work-site selection committee of Kirov State Medical Institute for enrollment of the first 50 students to the 1st course of the branch was organized.

In August 1996, teaching staff of 21 teachers, 3 of which have a doctorate degree and 13 candidates of sciences was formed. The management personnel and economic staff were formed in October.

With the establishment of the branch,  the system-component of higher education in the Republic of Komi has been fully developed: classical university, pedagogical institute, technical and medical colleges. In subsequent years, the branch quickly was accumulating its potential, the evidence is annual opening of new courses, increasing the number of teachers and their quality growth, a growing involvement in the educational process of health care institutions, the growth of enrollment of students in the 1st year, influence of the community of the Republic on scientific health and social work. In 2006, there was the first graduation of students who completed training in Syktyvkar.

One of the most important result of the Komi branch activity over the past few years is the fact that due to the training and graduation of more than 1,000 doctors it became possible to stop the catastrophic decline of the medical personnel potential in the country and even in some  way decrease it, especially in rural and northern areas. Some of the first graduates acquired management experience and are the heads or deputy heads of Medical Centers or heads of departments in different hospitals. Six graduates of the branch defended the thesis for the degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences.

Since 2003, lecturers of the Institute are actively involved in the treatment, health educational, research and advocacy work in the Republic of Kazakhstan, etc. Accreditation Commission of the Ministry of Health. Over the last years, the staff of clinical departments conducted more than 100 conferences, made more than 350 presentations at scientific conferences, the number of consultations was more than 12,000, the number of patients examined at the offices– more than 42,000, more than 8000 operations performed – more than 25,000 (one third of them are made by regular lecturers). In addition, lecturers-doctors participated in consultations, Keely, performed on television on scientific and medical subjects, published their works in newspapers and magazines, etc. For the team of the branch, results are very important, cause the main activity of clinicians teachers is learning, teaching and research.

Summing up the results of past years it can be said that the branch coped with the second task set by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the task to organize scientific medical University. In 1996 in the republic there were 11 candidates and 3 doctors of medical sciences. With the arrival of scientists to work in the branch of medical academies Yaroslavl, Kirov, Izhevsk, Arkhangelsk, Perm, Chita, Saransk and Donetsk scientific potential of the country began to grow rapidly.

Professors and lecturers of the branch took an active part not only in the preparation of theses of the lecturers but also a doctor. Heads of departments provided help to graduate students and candidates for a degree consulting and organizational assistance in the selection of research topics, the preparation and working on the thesis, it defends. Graduate students and applicants intensively used the services of Komi Scientific Medical Library, created in the branch. Frequent users of the library are also doctors practitioners.

Thus, with the creation of a branch the number of highly qualified professionals in the industry “Public Health” has grown significantly. For 15 years, scientists around the branch published more than 30 books and more than 1,000 scientific articles in journals of different levels, made a large number of scientific papers and reports at congresses, conferences, workshops of international, Russian and regional level.

The positive results of the activities of the branch in the last years are reflected in the creation of a student search group “North Star” in 2003. Every year students squad goes to Novgorod Region in search of soldiers killed in World War II and burial of their remains with full military honors in mass graves. This patriotic initiative quickly gained republican scale. With the establishment of the branch significantly increased sports and health work in the national health-care facilities.

Certainly, medical Institute has succeeded. The team of lecturers and staff cope with the task, despite the enormous difficulties “swashbuckling” 90s and the beginning of this century.

And in July 2014, with the opening of Medical School in Syktyvkar State University, starts a new continuation of the history of medical education in the Republic of Komi. Almost all staff of the Komi branch relocated to the newly created Institute. They brought with them 20 years of experience working with students at Komi branch, his good name, his respect for the students, traditions, memories, integrity, and selflessness.

All team members of the Medical Institute face the challenge and great responsibility to continue, increase and improve all the good work and undertakings, the Komi branch was famous for, and for lecturers and students it is the most important task to teach and get only “good” and “excellent” because «Scientia potential est» Knowledge is power (Francis Bacon), and all you have sworn – to protect human health.

The Institute is preparing the specialty General Medicine, the opening of new specialties is planned in the near future.

In the structure of the Institute of Medicine there are three departments:
• Department of Physiology
• Department of Biochemistry and Medicine of Catastrophes
• Department of Biomedical Sciences and forensic medicine

The main objective of the Medical Institute is the training of highly qualified doctors for health care institutions and the creation of scientific medical schools of the Republic of Komi.

The Institute has a modern material and technical base:
equipped with multimedia equipment lecture halls, laboratories, anatomical hall, and anatomical museum. A simulation laboratory for developing practical skills, not only students but also practitioners was created. Science and human resources of the Institute are highly skilled doctors and candidates of sciences, as well as practitioners.

Training directions:
Specialty: General Medicine
Qualification of the graduate: General Practitioner
Duration of study: 6 years

Professional activities of Specialist:
– Medical (preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitative, psychological and pedagogical);
– Organizational and management;
– Research.

Doctor-graduate after completion of a compulsory 1-year internship or a 2-year clinical residency can work in hospitals in any chosen specialty: a medical practitioner, obstetrician-gynecologist, surgeon, anesthesiologist, emergency doctors, family doctor, ophthalmologist, dermatologist, psychiatrist, oncologist, neurologist or other physician specialties out of more than 100 possible. Graduates can engage in research work and continue their postgraduate studies at a chosen specialty.

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