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Everyone wants to realize himself in life, to be healthy, happy, live in harmony with oneself and the world and become a professional. Such opportunities are provided by Institute of Social Technologies, which trains bachelors in the following directions:

  • Social work
  • Physical Culture
  • Pedagogical education: profile “Safety”
  • Pedagogical education: profile “Physical culture”

There are four departments in the Institute of Social Technologies:

  • Department of Social Work
  • Department of theoretical and biomedical bases of physical training
  • Life Safety Department
  • Physical Education Department

Increasing prestige and demand in the labor market of these areas allow our students to be confident in their future.

One of the strengths of the Institute of social technologies is the involvement of students in research activities. In recent years the Institute has been ranked first in the organization of research work of students. International conference “Social and psychological problems through the eyes of the young’ take place annually. The institute has research laboratories, including student, successfully functioning scientific-educational center “The problems of physiology and physical rehabilitation”, Training Center operates. The quality of training of students of our institute confirms the recognition in the Republic and abroad. In 2013, students of the specialty “social work” took I place in the All-Russian Olympiad on social work. Students of “physical culture” became winners of the federal program “Youth Member of Scientific Innovation Competition” and Zworykin Award finalists.

High student results are provided by qualified teaching staff and close cooperation with major employers: Ministry of Education of the Republic of Komi, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Komi, the Agency of the Komi Republic for Physical Culture and Sport, which always shows interest and are actively involved in the Institute of Social affairs technologies. Thus, in addition to fundamental theoretical knowledge, students receive strong practical training for a future successful career.

Conditions for the realization of creative potential, the social activity of students are created in our Institute. Student government is at a high level: Creative Center, Sports Council, Student Scientific Society, volunteerism “From heart to heart” are actively working. Our graduates are in demand, competitive and successful!

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