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Institute of Human Sciences is located in a separate, specially equipped school building and has its own television studio, computer rooms, an assembly hall. There is also Scientific Library of SyktSU, including the Department of Rare Books.

Such scientific and educational centers are working on the basis of the Institute:

“Spiritual Culture of the European North of Russia”
“Document management in the organization”

Institute of human science trains students in the following areas:


  • Philology (course “Patriotic philology” (Russian language and literature, Russian language and literature, the Komi language and literature), “Applied Philology”)
  • Pedagogical education (course “Philological Education”, “Native language and literature with the extended profile”)
  • Journalism
  • Advertising and PR
  • International relationships
  • Political science


  • Philology (course “philological provision of information and editorial activity”, “Russian literature in professional communications”, “Finno-Ugric languages in a multicultural context”);
  • Political Science (program «GR-communication in public sphere”);
  • Foreign Regional Studies (course “The Finno-Ugric world in the context of international European cooperation”).


  • Linguistics and Literature (orientation “Russian language”, “Russian Literature”, “Folklore”);
  • Political science and regional studies (course “Political institutions, processes and technology”).

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