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Institute of Culture and Arts (from 2000 to July 1, 2014 – Faculty of Arts) is a highly recognized training center in the field of art and culture in the European North-East of Russia.

The Institute has a good material and technical base: specialized classrooms and workshops, a modern exhibition hall, a computer lab with a package of licensed software, a reading room.

The Institute has evening preparatory courses

The structure of the Institute of Culture and Art makes it possible to implement the realization of the educational process with the achievement of the objectives set in the field of training, educational and scientific activities.

The structure of the Institute includes:

  • Department of:
    • Arts and Crafts (Head of the Department Ph.D., Assoc. I.V. Zemtsova)
    • Design (Head of the Department. Ph.D., Assoc. N.A. Zinchenko)
    • Fine Arts (Head.of the Department  Ph.D., Assoc. S.A. Bocharov)
    • Cultural Studies and Educational Anthropology (Head of the Department Prof. I.E. Fadeeva)
  • Scientific and educational centers and laboratories:
    • Environmental Design, Advertising, and Printing Industry (Head of the Department Prof. L.S. Fedosov)
    • Student Research Laboratory of Socio-Cultural Monitoring (Head of the Department Prof. V.A. Sulimov)
  • Other structural divisions:
    Workshop of Sculpture and Artistic Ceramics
    • Computer Room with Special Programs (Graphic software packages)
    • Educational and Methodical Study
    • Showroom

Institute of Culture and Arts trains students in the following areas:


  • Folk Art Culture (Profile “manual studio arts and crafts”)
  • Cultural
  • Library and Information Activities
  • Design (profile “Environment Design”)
  • Applied art and crafts
  • Pedagogical Education (profile “Culturological education”, etc.)
  • Pedagogical Education (profile “Fine Arts”)
  • Religious


  • Pedagogical Education (profile “Pedagogical Anthropology”)
  • Cultural Studies (profile “Social and cultural engineering”, etc.).
  • Design (profile “Design Environment”, the program is declared to implement)


  • Theory and history of culture

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